Hello, Hurry up offer for limited time Official giveaway from Social-india

Giveaway Offer For Everyone 

Winner Get 1$ (76₹ ) on fund and use any service


In this giveaway, You Will Upload A Video on your youtube channel about Social-india panel services ( in hindi )

How To Create Video-

In this, video you will use these topics 

  1. Tell about panel ( genuine and trusted )
  2. Tell something about cheapest service 
  3. Tell how to use service 
  4. How to upload fund easily 

that sit, now video is ready,

create video like this - Click here


  1. Video Quality Must Be Good
  2. Voice Must Be Clear
  3. Min 500 Views need with likes and comments
  4. if you buy views on video ( then video cant be accepted )


  • when your video Reached 500+ genuine views then send me video link and won money ( 1$ ).
  • After Uploading Video sent link to me on whatsapp, I will check if video good then you will won money.
  • if video get good views then you get 1$ on after 500 views every time.


  500 views 1$ , 1000 views 2$ , 2000 views 4$, 5000 views 10$ .